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Shadow Guardians : Chapter One

Story Title Shadow Guardians: Chapter One
User Name ashlienl
Genre Fantasy/Young Adult
Rating PG-13 for suicidal topics and mild language later in the writing. Nothing gory
Summary Georgie fully expected to wake to fire and brimstone, but to her surprise, her afterlife will be spent as a Shadow Guardian, bridging the gap between the living and the dead. She may not be ready for it, but lifeafter life waits for no one. Unprepared to face her demons, Georgie's existence as she knew it will change. (LAME AND CORNY)

Adjusting to the Shadow Realm seems close to impossible as Georgie realizes what how dark her new home is. Her partner, Damion, is not going to help matters much, either.
Excerpt “As I expected. A softie. With a name like Georgie, I fully expected someone of such a young age and foolishness. You look queasy; I bet the details have made you ill, haven’t they? Funny, isn’t it? That you can so easily take your own life but to take someone else’s makes you apprehensive.”

“What about this is fair?” was his arrogant interference. “You’ve just taken your own life from everyone who ever cared about you.Collapse )

Night Guardians : Prologue

Story Title: Night Guardians: Prologue (creative o:)
User Name: ashlienl
Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult (Maybe. Tell me if you think any other genre applies)
Rating: PG-13 for topics of suicide and minimal language later in the writing
Summary: Georgie fully expected to wake to fire and brimstone, but to her surprise, her afterlife will be spent as a Shadow Guardian, bridging the gap between the living and the dead. She may not be ready for it, but lifeafter life waits for no one. Unprepared to face her demons, Georgie's existence as she knew it will change. (LAME AND CORNY)

This is the prologue, the beginning. >.< /lame summary D:
Excerpt At the very least, she’d expected sulfur and brimstone. Oceans of flames licking at feet, towering high like monsoons. She doesn’t even see the popularized red man, with his horns and spade tail. Not even a trademark trident. Before she did it, she had prepared herself, gone over all of this. That was where she was supposed to be, right? The “Underworld”. Hades. Hell. There wasn’t even heat. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she found it was not at all what she had expected.

Author's Note I started this idea last spring and the inspiration is based loosely off of the Shinigami in Full Moon wo Sagashite. It takes place in a world called The Shadow Realm where those who have taken their lives go as punishment. Their job is to bridge the gap between the living world and afterlife. New Guardians start off as Soul Snatchers, who are to retrieve the souls of those whose time is up. Later, they can be promoted to Death Dodgers (bear in mind these names are subject to change xD) who are to protect their subjects from unforeseen deaths etc. etc.

Uhm. :3 Yeah. I LOVE this. And the characters and I've been spazzing so hard over it. xD

Opening her eyes, she felt a queer uncertainty stir within her and she knew, instantly, that something was off. Collapse )


Story Title Fortuna
User Name nightxwires
Genre Romance, I suppose
Rating PG
Summary This is a short story, but shorter. A mini-story, if you will. Basically me playing around with intimacy and what it means. It's not superb, but I thought I'd let you guys decide. Also, originally, there were no names in this story, mostly because I have so much trouble with names. I don't know why. But yeah, I put them in later, just because.
  We instinctively moved toward each other. His head found the corner of my neck and shoulder, and my hand went to his hair.


lalala read moreCollapse )

Relative Prey

Story Title:  Relative Prey
Username:  eternity_xx
Genre:  Realistic Fiction
Rating:  G/PG (A little blood, a chase)
Summary:  A short chase leads to an odd ending...
Excerpt:  The skies opened, and the rain beat down.  Lightning appeared in the sky, and thunder followed.  I was cold, wet, and tired, but there was no way I would give up. 
Author's Note:  I just needed to write something.  I've been reading and reviewing all these lovely stories, and my hands were just itching to write.  And once I wrote it, I saw no one had put a new story up recently, so I thought, why not?   My brain would literally have exploded if I didn't get this piece out.  It's uber short, and I wrote two versions.  This is the simpler one, and I hope you realize how I was trying to write it by the end.  It came out a little odd, unfortunately.  Be as critical as you want, just know it was just a little exercise.

Story Title Clementine
User Name nightxwires
Genre Romantic Comedy
Rating PG.
Summary There's a lot you can learn about a person based on how they do their laundry.
A/N More screenwriting. I have to admit guys, I am not proud of this in the least. Please don't hesitate to criticize.



Skeptics and True Believers

Story Title: Skeptics and True Believers
User Name: ashlienl
Genre: Still follows love, but it's mostly friendship in this one. Light, kind of humorous.
Rating: G
Summary: She's a little ditzy and he's a bit skeptical but best friends have surprises up their sleeves. Sipping on their caramel latte and green tea, their differences are what make them who they are. "You were in love once? Why didn't you ever tell me?"
Excerpt: “Cinderella is a fairy tale,” she explains in flippant manner, with a “Duh” tone of voice. “Inevitably, they all end up happy. That’s what makes them a fairy tale, after all. Fairy tales have to be happily ever after. Everyone knows that. Therefore, Cinderella had to have a happy ending.”

One of his brows arches up into his moppy hair, hanging into his eyes. Skepticism is written on his face and slowly, he shakes his head and a small smile grows on his face.
Author's Note: This story is actually dedicated to Sierra, who, when reading over "We Need to Talk" got into a discussion with me about love and it's conflictions and confusing paths. The quote that the girl has in the end about the comparison of love comes from Si. Once she'd said it, I knew I had to use it and write it into something. I've grown really fond of these characters though, I'll admit it. I almost wish this wasn't a one shot. =] Anyway, enjoy.


There Was Snow

Story Title: There Was Snow
User Name: ashlienl
Genre: As per usual, it's following the theme of love and romance. But this one is mostly about friendship and learning how to deal.
Rating: G
Summary: It was the kind of magical snow that I always imagined but only saw on television. It gave false hope to a magical night, especially because you were there. It couldn't be magic; you still made me ache with hollow nostalgia and reminded me how I needed you. Dealing with it is the hardest thing I've had to do, I think.
Excerpt: There was snow. That was the most startling bit, though I didn’t realize at the moment. It was like movie snow – the soft fluffy flakes that are procured through use of potato flakes, quite unlike the real, wimpy snow that falls haphazardly and melts the instant it touches anything solid. A very majestic feel was in the air. Perhaps not so much majestic, but it certainly had a magical air to it, the kind that felt surreal and beautiful. In fact, the scene itself was so beautiful. My mind couldn’t help but procure the memory of Chloe, the day I let her talk to you and she made you promise not to say anything to me about it. “She’d really love it if you kissed her in the snow,” she had said, and for the briefest moment, I wondered, in this scantily cloaked winter wonderland, if you would. Kiss me in the snow, I mean.
Author's Note: Uhm, to be honest, this was inspired by a dream. I spoke to my ex for the first time in a few weeks and it provoked a dream, that involved snow and snowball fights with he and the rest of Act One. I used that part of the dream for inspiration and followed through with a bunch of made up stuff that didn't exactly occur in the dream (though, the diner was used in the dream, except I sat with Sabrina and her boyfriend in the dream haha.) Anyway, the basic premise of this is girl and boy break up to remain friends and this is her dealing.


Feb. 20th, 2008

Story Title No Title As of Yet
User Name nightxwires
Genre it's really too short to have a genre
Rating PG? Some, uh, violent imagery.
Summary There are very few people in the world that I actively hate, and this was what I assumed a conversation with me and this girl would go like, as she is known to frequent the store in which I work.
A/N Okay, so this technically isn't a story. Or anything much, it's a few lines I scribbled out into my suede journal thing. I've been toying with screenplay for awhile, and what you're about to read is...kind of confusing. But bear with me. There are little to no stage directions, so I suppose it's kind of a dialogue. I wanted to share it with you guys and get feedback on screenwriting.

It Began With We Need to Talk

Story Title: It Began With We Need to Talk
User Name: ashlienl 
Genre: Again, fluffy romance. xD
Rating: No higher than G. Possibly PG if you want to count the use of the word "lesbian"
Summary: "We need to talk." Nothing good ever follows these four words. But that's how the story begins and that's what leads to a shallow introspection of an entity of "we." Nothing good can possibly follow those four words and yet he's riveted to the spot, keen on hearing out the intimidating, tiny girl.
Excerpt: “At first, I thought that you were cute. You seemed totally innocent and shy, one of those cute, naïve girls that boys take advantage of. And then, in less than a minute, you seemed like… a know-it-all. One of those girls who kept her nose shoved in a book and probably didn’t realize she was so cute but wasn’t worth the trial and effort, because you were bossy and liked to show people up and probably didn’t even like boys. Or girls, I don’t mean I thought you were a lesbian. I guess I thought you were like… I don’t know? Asexual?” 
Author's Note: Yet again, I'm somewhat unsatsified with the ending. I think I need to work on closings some. Either way, I didn't want anything to happen past... well. I can't tell you that. But I wanted nothing to happen past the last few words. So, for now, this is where the story sits. I know - yet another fluffy story. This one is lighter, shorter, but still exploring the concept of love, though much less tragic than the previous two.


Challenge 01

Story Title: Challenge 01: Lessons Learned
User Name: Josey  joseyk
Genre: Drama

Rating: PG
Summary: Christabella had been unafraid of breaking rules until actually faced with breaking her mother's number 1 rule.  Is she brave enough to face the consequences of whatever choice she makes?
Excerpt: The water was icy cold as she slapped the surface and completely submerged.  A moment of sinking passed until Christabella began to kick her legs furiously.  Eyes and mouth scrunched shut, the ocean water still found a way to get into her airway…



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