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inkyorgans's Journal

Inkstained Organs
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What organs, you ask?

Get your mind out of the gutter. Or put it in a story. That's what this community is for anyway. First and foremost, it's a writing community. Literacy is encouraged. You don't need to be perfect, but we expect that you can spell for the most part, properly punctuate, and have a decent grasp on grammar. If English isn't your first language, we can help you to better your use.

That's Ashlie's take on it anyway. She's the Nice to my Naughty and that's not in a good way. The only rules in this community are those of the English language.

That said, try not to get us kicked out of LJ.

- To write, mainly.
- Every week or so, challenges will be posted. They could be scenarios, words, themes or pictures. And your job, and your supposed reason for being here, is to spin a story based on your interpretation.
- There are no winners or losers. No seriously, I swear I'm not your Sunday School teacher. That's not the point of this community.
- Stories that have nothing to do with the challenges are also welcome.

I'm glad you asked. It's to write and read. And occasionally to dream.

New Members Must Read
The Rules
How to Post

o1. Literacy is a must. We don't expect you to be geniuses, but we DO expect that you have somewhat fair spelling (if worst come to worst, Microsoft Word has a spell check), and a good grasp on grammar. If you've misplaced commas that's fine, but try to clean it up a little, okay? We want to be able to READ what you've written.

o2. No Flaming. This will be watched greatly. Everyone deserves a chance to showcase their work. If you don't like a subject, don't say anything. No one wants to be shot down and we're here to prevent it. Live by the Golden Rule (or one of them, anyway). If you can't say anything nice at all, then don't say it. Period.

o3. Constructive Criticism is allowed unless the author has otherwise noted. If you feel bold enough for harsher, less tactful criticism, feel free to say so. If you just want to know people's ideas and thoughts, say so. Otherwise, constructive criticism will be allowed in all cases. Anything worse, unless stated, will be a warning.

o4. Lay off the haterade. Let's not see racism, discrimination, etc. If it fits the setting of your story, it may be excepted. Otherwise, lay off it. Derogatory comments will be handled with a warning. If it makes everyone else feel uncomfortable, chances are, you shouldn't post it.

o5. Rate your stories. We'll use the basic movie ratings; G, PG, PG-13, R, as well as Adult. This way, if a reader is uncomfortable, they'll be warned ahead of time.

o6. Keep your stories behind cuts. We don't want to kill the Friends Page, right? Keep it behind a cut. You're allowed a small excerpt out of the cut but try not to exceed a paragraph. Keep it simple. Also, excerpts MUST be PG related. Nothing bad outside the cut, just for safety sake.

o7. Only original fiction is to be posted here. We all like Fanfiction, but there are PLENTY of communities dedicated to it. So, no fanfiction. Sorry.

o8. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. Unlike other rules, if you're caught plagiarising, you will be banned, point on. If it's not your work, DO NOT POST IT. This is for our own original works. Do not steal other's works. It's illegal and it's unethical. You don't want anyone to take credit for something you've worked hard on, no one else wants the same. So, if it's not yours, don't post it. Simple.